summer homestretch and recap

-Smoothies.  Pineapple-orange juice-yogurt-banana-coconut smoothies.  Pretty much what Ocracoke Island tastes like to to me, really.  Well, you'd probably have to throw in some oysters and shrimp, a few scallops and whatever fish was caught that day, but for years the 'kimba' smoothies at the Ocracoke Coffee Company have been one of the things that I simply have to enjoy as often as possible when there.  We didn't go there this year.  Or last, actually.  But I have managed to bring that flavor to my kitchen way out here on the other side of the state, and that's something.  We may make it out to the beach, though a closer beach, sometime this fall.  For now, this will do.

-Perfectly Claire-sized bowls picked up from a potter at the Sourwood Festival last weekend.

-Books.  I've read quite a few books this year, but for some reason keep hitting barricades with the ones I've been choosing this summer.  Anna Karenina?  Yes, I like it, but I'm still reading it.  Actually, that implies I'm actively doing so, and I'm not.  Because I'm not sure where it is.  But I'll pick it up again and see what they're all up to.  So I picked up another stack at the library a few days ago.  New fiction with covers that happened to appeal to me.

-My girl and her girl dancing at the final Park Rhythms concert at the lake a few days ago.  Like puppies, running around and rolling in the grass together.  A few mamas catching up, hanging out while we watched them.  One of us expecting a new little one any day now....

-A first fiddle lesson.  Boy, I need those tapes on there, yes I do.  It's all scales for now, but just watch out world!

-A photo album, finally.  300 photos from last spring to the present.  And then another with older photos.  I will look through these regularly, I know.  There's no therapy quite like the warm fuzzy-inducing soul food of thumbing through your happiest memories.  Putting this together, I got to thinking that would be great marital medicine..... when you and your love get to feeling blah, or even in the midst of a big ol' argument, take out the photo albums and make yourselves look at them together for a few minutes.  I'm thinking it'd be hard to go back to bickering over dishes or where to put the fan or whatever ridiculousness lead to the heated moments after looking at wedding day kisses, honeymoon tan lines and first gazes at sticky newborns.  You know?

It also got me thinking about my summer project list that I made months ago.  And wonder of wonders, I actually whittled away at it quite a bit.  And while I can't exactly say I've learned how to play that fiddle, I'm on my way.  Photo album?  Check.  Cheese and yogurt?  Check.  Read?  Check.  Road trips?  Check.  Time to myself?  Check.  Her first backpacking trip?  Check.  Car camping?  Check.  Canoeing?  Check.   We may not have a pond yet, or a painting for the coop, and I've not magically become the morning person I like to think I could eventually be.... but still.  It's been a good summer.

weekending with amanda


  1. fiddle lessons? dang. i'm so jealous.

    off to look up those books you've shown - covers look promising and yes, i do judge ;-)

    1. it's fun. though I truly am started at zero, so I've got a looooong ways to go!
      finished 'he's GONE'- I liked it. Onward with the Nightingale Palace one and, so far, so good.

  2. I'm drawn to the title "she rises" I hope the story is as good as the font :) Go go go with the fiddle!!

    1. I'm saving that one for last~ a few chapters into The Secret of the Nightingale Palace, and so far so good.

      I am am am! Though so far, it's all about getting my finger used to this new motion and trying to form some new neural pathways in my ripe old age of almost 33. (I know, not old, but not 6 years old either!)

  3. I'm always looking for new books to read so your stack has been added to my 'see if the library has it' list. Lovely selection of glimpses into your weekend.

    1. I'm always checking out other people's book lists, too. I'm going through them quite quickly~ the top one was pretty good, the second one is even better, and so I've got high hopes for She Rises. thank you!

  4. summer homestretch, I like that.
    fiddle lessons?
    enjoy the last few days, friend.

    1. it's a bittersweet thing, summer ending...... our days get busier, there's less general lackadaisicalness..... but since it means fall is on the way, I'm okay with it ;) YES! I was gifted my grandpa's old violin last Christmas and I've finally gotten around to getting over feeling intimidated to take lessons as an adult who knows zero about it. fun, fun, fun. thank you.


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