I've quite enjoyed the mini-farm sitting gig that has been taking up a lot of my time over the last week.  I'd like to think I now know my way around milking a goat, the dogs and I (and that handsome cat, too) are good friends, and I've got some chèvre and milk in my fridge.  The texture of the chevre is a bit dry and crumbly, maybe because I paid little attention to temperatures and draining time.  Some attention was paid, of course, just not lots.  I brought it to the proper temp before adding the cultures, but from there it was pretty much 'pop it in the (not on) oven overnight, drain for unspecified amount of time the following day, stir in some salt and rosemary...'  But it's still good.  Rather tasty, really.

If you need a farm sitter, I just might be your girl.

More blueberries were picked.  2 gallons.  There was a pie, almost immediately, shared with friends.  My pie crust-maker (yes, I can make an edible pie crust, but it falls under the category of 'things Mike usually does', just as some things fall under that category for me, and for everyone...) is still away in the windy city, so I was thrilled to recall the one I had in the freezer.  And now there are more blueberries in the freezer, more on the way, and thoughts of jam..... and possibly of goat milk/blueberry ice cream.


  1. good to know IF I owned a farm and IF I lived near by I would have a farm sitter :) Lovely photos!!


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