the in between

With the cutting and storing of garlic and onions, the abundance of eggs and cucumbers, the crickets singing at night, the still sticky and humid afternoons,

and continued picking of blueberries (another 2 gallons today!) for deliciousness such as raw goat milk and blueberry ice cream and another blueberry pie, there is no doubt (even with the generally cool and ridiculously rainy weather here in western nc these past few months) that it is still very much summer.  

BUT....  school has started up again and therefore, I'm back at work, and there are things like this to consider:  maple leaves scattered across the walkways and covering the windshield of my car each morning,

me, reaching for a long sleeved shirt when I get out of bed, and drinking coffee or tea some mornings for the soothing warmth and not just for the ritual and caffeine.  And apples.  Glorious, crunchy, delicious apples.  Given to us by friends, picked off the ground below the trees at the blueberry patch, and hanging on a neighbor's tree, patiently awaiting picking.

The nights and mornings are refreshingly cool and I smile, knowing that the most beautiful season is indeed on her way.


  1. lovely images, school is starting around here as well and it's welcoming in a new schedule to our days. I love the chill in the air :)

  2. goat milk and blueberry ice cream? yes, please!

    ps: picked up a copy of she rises...now to work it into the readying queue ;-)

    1. come on over and have some amanda! it's probably only about a 15 hour or so drive.....

      great! I'm a few chapters in now, liking it so far...


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