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So.... bee school.  Turns out it's hard to get a lot out of bee school when you spend half the day playing with your baby in the hallway and/or nursing her down for a nap in the lobby.  Big surprise, right?  Thanks to the school being held in relatively close proximity to their home, Grandma and Uncle Marty came out to play with Claire for a couple hours, so that helped.  But still, I have to wonder if all of the playing/chasing/nursing/etc of the day took most of the learning out of the day for mama.  So why did I even bother?

Well I think the answer is simple.  I wanted to know that I could do it.  That if I wanted to go and do something that conventional wisdom may suggest would be challenging to do with a 1 year old, I could.  To be sure that I haven't lost myself in this new role or become unable to learn new and interesting things that do not relate to diapers or nap time or mushing up food.  To be sure that I don't forget to take the time to learn about things that I've always wanted to learn about.

Well there- I could.  And I did.  But next week?  Well I may stay home with this little one, and I may go back to bee school...... we'll see.  I suppose having one Master Beekeeper in the house will really be enough.  I don't need a little certificate saying I took a course in order to know my bees and take good care of them.  Those little certificates..... they are everywhere, aren't they?  I have a few of them verifying this and that... a degree, a marriage, some training, etc...  I can understand the arguments about whether any of them are really necessary or not.  I like the ones I have.  I won't be upset if I don't acquire another anytime soon.  Though I am wondering... where's my little certificate saying I'm a certified awesome stay at home mom?

Oh, there it is.  It's a little fuzzy, but I can see the stamp of authenticity right there on those big cheeks!

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