I live in a small town in Western North Carolina. My husband and I have spent the last handful of years doing many grown-up things such as buying our first home, welcoming our first child, and welcoming our 30s.  I started this blog to help me keep track of our goings on and to remind me to take time each day to look for the beautiful moments. They are everywhere. Like everyone, I've got loads of less-than-beautiful moments in my world as well, but I am working on handling them with more grace and patience and not allowing them more attention than they deserve.  I believe strongly that we can learn a lot from each other, that the way we choose to spend our money is a way we can vote on a daily basis for things we either want more of or less of in this world, that kindness and compassion should be the driving factors behind our actions, and that chocolate is best enjoyed with nuts.

I stayed home with Claire for her first 19 months and planned on doing so for quite a while longer.  Then I sort of fell into a pretty sweet little gig.  I work a few miles from home every weekday afternoon helping out with an after school art program for elementary aged children.  Claire is welcome to come along with me and she does quite often.  When Mike isn't working at the fire dept, she stays with him.  It works out quite nicely for all of us.  I love the pace of our deliciously slow mornings, the way we have time together each day before work to explore a bit, and the way that she and her papa have fallen into their own sweet little rhythm.  

We are settling in at home and making it ours.  We know where the floorboards squeak and where they don't.  We have built raised beds and planted fruit trees and bushes, added some hens and a beehive.  And so much more.  There are always projects, projects, projects.  The most important one of which, of course, is to remember that none of them are really all that important.

also, when she started eating solid foods, at first it was, basically, all sweet potatoes.  hence the name.  some avocados too, but that just didn't have the same ring to it~