So there's progress being made around here, of a few varieties....

*The lady in photo number one let me pet her yesterday~ not a passing pat mind you, but a few long strokes down that soft feathery back of hers.  These girls warm up a bit more each day and now they cluck away whenever they see me coming.  Perhaps because they are starting to really like me, but more likely because they are anticipating some nice kale stems or cold oatmeal.  Every day I gently suggest they start thinking about laying some eggs.

*The blocks are in the final stages of being stitched up, though now I'm not sure about how to stuff them without them becoming balls.  Foam blocks, perhaps?

*I finished the legwarmers last night, and Mr. Sock Monkey says they are just perfect for relaxing.  Hopefully Claire will agree.

*A birthday cake recipe has been chosen.  I think.  Either this one for carrot cake out of Feeding the Whole Family, or I may try some sort of sweet potato and pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and blueberry sauce.  I do still have some NJ blueberries in the freezer, after all.

*Teeth!  There is most certainly progress being made in the teeth department.  That first little guy is about halfway through, his neighbor is poking through as well and their upstairs buddies are right behind them.  Claire now dons an amber teething necklace  ~  Maybe it helps, maybe not, but darn that thing is pretty stinkin' cute!  (She's getting good at stink-eye faces, too don't you think?)

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