I am...

still wishing that the rain had been snow (it is December, after all)

taking in the blooming paper whites and the simmering mix on the stove (apple cores, orange peels, cinnamon, and cloves~  a brew I grew up smelling on the stove this time of year), as they battle out which will prevail as dominant smell in our house... which makes for an interesting olfactory experience

fighting the good fight with lots of vitamin c, d, and elderberry syrup administering after Claire's facial orifices seemed to have sprung a leak this week (and I think it's working)

watching (and listening) as she does lots of cutting and gluing and drawing and pretending, all very important work of course

thinking that if she keeps up with the improved sleep and I keep up with the somewhat decent bedtime for myself, I just might be able to become that morning person I always dreamed of being..... at least some days

in possession of white chocolate and peppermints, now I just need the dark chocolate and then I can start making that yummy bark

thinking about the homemade gifts (edible and non) that I still want to make for some special folks in our world..... fun, fun, fun

getting just a tad twitchy about the still tree-less status of our home... but that will be remedied very, very soon

also remembering that for many, many people in the world, the lack of an indoor evergreen in December would be nowhere near the top of the list of things that they are concerned with, and I gratefully acknowledge my blessings


  1. "The morning person I've always dreamed of being"...made me laugh out loud! It does sound quite romanticized, doesn't it? I hope you and sweet Claire feel better soon! I've been taking vitamin C, too, just to ward off what so many people have.

    That brew on the stove sounds amazing! I need to do some of that...

    Love you! Can't wait to see your next pictures. :)

    1. oh gosh, yes~ I've just always seen myself as becoming this totally together morning person who gets up early and has some quite, zen-like start to the day, complete with regular yoga or meditation practice, a brisk walk, and a super healthy breakfast..... in reality, of course, it is so very far from that! The healthy breakfast is the only part of that that is regularly accomplished.

      feeling better already, so I'm hoping that trend will continue! thanks!

      it smells sooooo good~ bits of oranges and apples, cloves and cinnamon sticks all simmered in water.... it's what home always smells like at Christmas to me.



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