decembery weekending

a slow start saturday morning, and then errands and piddling around the house until parade time.  we walked down for the parade (a fun and quirky event complete with the high school band, amateur wrestlers, wolf-dogs, newfoundlands, boy and girl scouts, firetrucks, unicyclists, and all sorts of small local businesses) and then over to the lake afterward for the luminary lighting (etc) event.  we walked around once and spent a few minutes on the playground, and then passed up on the et cetera in order to join friends for dinner on the way home.

sunday morning was french toast for two and then another prolonged round of piddling and errands followed by a trip to asheville for the nutcracker (!)  claire and I were joined by two of our dear friends, the same dear friends who accompanied us last year.  so, now, it's a tradition.  I realized not long into the show that the difference between bringing almost-two-year-olds to the ballet and almost-three-year-olds is pretty dang striking.  I mean, we made it through last year, and the girls certainly had a good time..... but there was the never-ending doling out of snacks, the occasional walks in the hall, a good bit of well-natured (I think) shushing, and a bit of nursing all the while.  this time there were snacks, sure.  but no walks, no nursing, no need for reminders about how loud we should be in the theater.  mostly just me trying to decide what I enjoyed watching more.... the ballet, or the sweet little loves as they watched the ballet on mamas' laps and occasionally shared a seat, arms draped around each other.

claire and I shared a meal at one of my very favorite asheville restaurants (the noodle shop) after the show.  we lingered over noodles and people watched through the window.  she pointed it out to me when the 'tree' was lit outside.  a new dessert.  I'm not so into red bean paste, I guess.  and then we headed home.  I love having a reason to drive through black mountain at night when it's all decked out for christmas... and I love being just 20 minutes from asheville.  good places.

a good place to call home~

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    1. any time french toast and a general realization of being happy where I am come into play, it's pretty sweet~ thanks for reading and commenting ;)

  2. love the nutcracker tradition! i'm sure she'll look forward to it each year.

    red bean paste is not for me either. love noodles but usually avoid the sweets in noodle shops ;-)

    1. I know I will~ she was so excited this time, and I only see that growing as she gets older.

      Yeah.... should've gone with the banana fried in a spring roll wrapper and rolled in sesame seeds.... or picked up a pint of ice cream on the way home ;)


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