a good day

Today was a good day.  A great day.  Sure to become one of those days that I find myself remembering when I need a little cheering up or a reminder on a challenging day that no, not all days are difficult (because you know in the middle of one of those days, it sure can feel that way despite the reality being quite the contrary).

It began with an early morning outing to see if a local blueberry patch was ready yet.  It was indeed ready and so shortly after that followed, of course, a late breakfast of blueberry pancakes.  Some bee-watching, laundry hanging, garden tending and cookie baking (oatmeal with walnuts and chocolate covered raisins and a cinnamon chocolate macaroon that came out a bit more like a meringue), a brief swim with friends after naptime and then back home to watch a lil' storm roll in and out.

Here's a taste of what it looked like:

Several times throughout the day I found myself feeling overwhelmingly grateful and happy.  As the perfect warm breeze blew while we picked berries, as I watched the bees coming in from foraging with legs heavy with pollen, as I ate a delicious meal with my two loves and gathered flowers from our yard.  And most especially when I stood back and watched as Claire helped me with the baking and realized that yes, we are there now.  The place where it's possible for her to stand beside me, on a stool, and help me in the kitchen.  I hope she'll happily occupy that stool for years to come and that cooking together will become a favorite past time for her, as I know it will (and already has) for me.

So very, very grateful for days like these.


  1. Your day sounds about perfect in my book!! i think I just heard my tummy rumble while looking at the photos. Yum.

    Claire is such a cutie. And isn't funny how one day they are suddenly there beside you, on the stool, helping you bake and cook. So precious and so fun. Moments to always hold close to your heart.

    Congrats on the bees too! I'm a little envious! Ha!

  2. Oh yeah~ and I was definitely taken aback when it occurred to me that she was actually helping me and capable of safely staying up on the stool by herself.... As you are more than aware having been through this stage not too long ago, we are now in a place of rapid growth and change.... full of mixed emotions for mama, but mostly I'm just so excited- for her, for us.

    I will say I've enjoyed going back through some of your older posts from when little Bea was around Claire's age up until now- kinda like a little sneak peek of what's in store, in a way.

    And the bees! SO exciting. Totally doable too, ya know~


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