getting out there

This past weekend I brought 11 of my prints (and some cards) to a local bakery/cafe, Filo, to hang for 8 weeks.  It was fun choosing which photos to enlarge and framing them and deciding how to arrange them.  I feel a little naked having them "out there" on a wall somewhere, trying to find new homes..... but mostly I'm excited about it.

getting ready:

Under the photo at right is the little "about the artist" blurb, which honestly says something like "by purchasing the work here, you are keeping your money in our local economy and helping Amanda to stay at home with her daughter, Claire, for as long as possible."  Something like that.  I figured hey, why not just call it like it is and dish up some good ol' honesty.  That and I think people like knowing where their money is going.  I know I do.
some of the hung photos:

my lovely help:

 Now I just need to get ready for the market.  The one that starts in 9 days.

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