minus one in the hen house~

Today we discovered the answer to our question about what would happen if one of our hens got out and Wolfie encountered her while we weren't around.  Sadly, the answer appears to be that he would kill her.  I know I shouldn't be surprised.  But I am a bit sad about it.

This afternoon, after a somewhat rushed and out-and-about kind of morning, Claire and I came home and went to visit and tend to the hens.  It took me a few moments to realize we seemed to be down one, and after looking around the little hen yard and inside their coop I started to look around the yard, still calm.  After all, Mabel had gotten out twice and both times everything turned out alright, even when Wolfie did see her.  Now where was sweet Henrietta?  Then I noticed that I didn't see a hen anywhere.  Or Wolfie.  Uh oh.

So, knowing what I was very likely about to find, I peered around the backside of the shed that Wolfie has recently started spending a lot of time behind and there she was.  And there he was.  Feathers everywhere.  Not too bloody.  Seems he took a wing and broke her neck.  As I approached he slinked away knowing that by my tone I was not at all pleased.  Ugh.  What do you do?  Here we have a healthy shepherd-husky mix who was simply following his instincts.  Still, I was mad.  I was furious.

Rest in peace, sweet Henrietta~  thank you so much for your delicious eggs and for the wonderful entertainment you provided without even knowing it.  I am sorry that we didn't keep you safer.

Seems I should have a picture of her here instead of this guy, but I couldn't find a good one with her in it and looking at this sweet photo is helping me to be a bit less mad at him.  Ugh.

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