yes and no

yes, please!

finally cashing in a massage gift certificate

decking delivered
much decking put in place within hours of delivery
(he is a hard, hard worker, that man)

time spent planting, mulching..... soothing to have my hands in the ground, as always

sweet dinnertime conversations between the little one and her papa

the way she grabs my face so she's sure I'm looking at her and says "I love you show mush"
(and the way I feel almost like I have to catch my breath afterwards, every time, because it just feels so good and because it fills my whole body with a giant whooshing smile)

dinner with friends
(cake after dinner)

no thanks~

feeling like we are rushing past each other a lot these days and not stopping to connect
(the grown ups of the house, that is)
it can be hard, marriage and all

wondering when it was that I buried myself under these piles... of laundry, dishes, papers
piles of everything, everywhere

realizing that more likely than not, the doors to the deck will have to remain as they are (as windows, that is) until next year....  there is only so much time and energy and resources to spread around, you know?

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  1. "i love you show mush" would turn me to mush. so sweet!

    1. it IS. and I love the way she often grabs my face when she says it.... like she's saying "are you listening? you better be, because this is important!"

  2. "there is only so much time and energy and resources to spread around, you know?" oh yeah!
    making time to connect is so vital. we try, even for just 30mins before bed, crashed on the sofa watching a favourite show.

    1. oh yes, the time, money, energy...... it all certainly helps to keep things in perspective. frustrating, yes, but at the same time sometimes I like how those things (or lack of those things) kind of make the decisions for me!

      I absolutely agree that it is vital. And way too easy to get carried away in not stopping to check in at times. connect, connect, connect. yes.


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