watching & listening

not much to say these last few days.
lots to do, though.
planting, weeding, staking, mulching, tending....
loving, hugging, squeezing, dancing, listening....
watching the rain, rain, rain.
hearing it swoosh swoosh as it fills the barrels.
listening to the birds,
and watching fledglings follow closely behind mamas
as they stab haphazardly at the ground,
trying to figure out how to catch their own meal.

becoming ever more aware of how listening to a toddler can clue you in to
what you say yourself on a regular basis...
I ask "where'd she get that?",
but of course I already know the answer.

she sighs in delight,
nearly vibrates with anticipation when waiting to be tickled or caught or scared,
squeals when she stretches,
"mmmm's" when she eats something yummy....
looks at her papa and I ever so seriously as she tells us "I love you show mush"
again and again.

and I smile (and sigh in delight) as I see myself in her in those moments.
and I can see, I think, in glimpses here and there,
a bit of who she is becoming as well.

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