around here

Friday night pizza on the deck to celebrate it's (near) completion (my idea)
only it was still covered in sawdust and tools, and so
the inaugural meal turned into a bit of a griping session
okay, I admit it.... maybe I jumped the gun a little
so we ended up on the (newly clean and swept free of oak pollen) front porch
"ready, set, go!" races back and forth, back and forth
a new beer from a favorite local brewery

Saturday morning lead us, as always, to the market
friends, music, pastries, coffee
et cetera

after a trip to target
(always somewhat daunting to me because of that place's ability to suck me in,
make me ooh and ahh over (and spend money on) things I don't need)
in the parking lot,
after she was buckled in,
I realized I really needed to pee
so, right there next to the car, behind the bushes, adjacent to the woods...
I went.
afterwards, I wondered how many people would have been appalled by that
that to me, going behind the bushes in the target parking lot
(when there was a public restroom available perhaps 100 yards away)
was by far the easier and more preferred option for me
no question about it,
I've always been the "pee in the bushes" type
(just thought you should know)

wine and cheese porch party at my neighbor's place that evening
kids played in the yard (yes, I just included her in the "kids" category, yikes)
adults on the porch
talking, swinging, drinking, eating
I felt like such a grown up

we enjoyed many days of sunshine after all that rain
(and so did the tomatoes and strawberries and bees)
added the first super on one of the hives
they are looking good in there

and now the deck is done
yard and garden work is to the point of
"let's sit back and relax"
instead of
"how long before we get to the point where we can just sit back and relax?"

Sunday afternoon with friends
our girls in the pool
grown ups talking and laughing, papas and mamas
and discovering that melted truffles go ever so well with popcorn
a dangerous discovery
another baby to join the gang soon, so soon
any day, really

home for dinner
my favorite
scallops fresh from the Outer Banks
served over pasta,
and garlic and spinach from our garden

Nana and Pipop arrived Monday morning after a long, late drive
they brought some treasures

a canoe they've had for decades
trips remembered by them, with the boat filled with their kids
trips remembered by Mike and I,  two spring break paddling trips in the everglades
not so long after we'd met
wow, was that really over a decade ago?

a dollhouse for Claire
built for one of her cousins by neighbors of her late maternal great grandparents
it is perfect, and she loves it so

slow, easy days filled with cooking, laughing, and catching up

Nana and Claire are returning from a long stroll to and around town
a stroll that gave this mama time to hang around,
paint my toenails (something I'm not really so sure about, and haven't done in years)
write this post,
and listen to the Otis Redding pandora station nice and loud.



  1. yay to almost done celebrations.

    you know, the bushes would be so much cleaner than most public toilets. ;)

    1. yeah, that's my thought as well..... (regarding the cleanliness of bushes vs. public restrooms) and just so darn much more convenient and timely

      we are happy to have the deck done..... now I'm just daydreaming about the windows being replaced by doors so we can actually just walk right out onto it. Some day. Maybe sooner. Probably later.

  2. looks like your summertime will include some easy living now that you've knocked out the big projects! looks all so wonderful! the deck, the craft brew, the pizza, pping in the bushes at Target, the canoe, the dollhouse, - all good in my book.

    1. I hope so! School lets out around here tomorrow, so my work with the after school art program will conclude until fall~ woohoo! I'm thinking my primary "jobs" this summer will be gardening, beekeeping, cooking, and being an encourager of potty training. (outdoor peeing acceptable, of course ;)

  3. summertime and the living is easy....can't wait til we have a bit more down time. i need to learn to let go of the list and just enjoy! the dollhouse is so sweet.

    1. now I want to turn on some janis joplin and drink some lemonade in the (not yet hung) hammock.......

      that list of yours must be long, you are keeping busy out there!! I can't even imagine doing all that you've done in such a short time! but yes, the sitting back and enjoying it all part truly is an important component... you'll get there soon, I bet.

  4. ok, explain the strawberry runner lesson to me one more time!

    1. okay- what we did was lightly pull up the "babies" that had started to root themselves and (without cutting the actual runners that hold them to the older plants) we potted them in little pots. Once they developed strong enough roots (we left them for a long time- into the winter because it was so mild and we were lazy, probably 6 weeks or so would be sufficient) we "cut the cord" so to speak. Then we transplanted them into their own bed and mulched them well. They didn't produce quite as much as the older plants this first year, but they did well. Good luck!


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