fried eggs and macaroons

took a trip to a local bakery/coffee shop this morning to drop off some more cards
we usually get a big fat ginger molasses cookie to share, but apparently she had chocolate on the brain
after I said no to the chocolate cake (it was only 10am, and she is only 2....)
she quickly set her sight on a chocolate dipped macaroon
no way was I going to deny her that
I mean come on, that's one of my favorites, too

I shared it with her, along with an iced coffee (not shared with her)
mmmmm mmmm good

it's been rainy for several days
little breaks in the weather here and there
still, we're indoors a lot

last night, inspired by Mike, I topped a turkey burger with a fried egg
oh, yum
it made me wonder what else I should be topping with fried eggs
tonight, rice and beans mixed with sauteed zucchini and greens from the garden
served over sprouts
topped with a fried egg with melty garlic yogurt cheese on top
a healthy dollop of hot sauce
and a little ketchup, because it's so yummy

I think this may be the start of something......


  1. i'm big on fried eggs over things. it's very 'working class' in UK, lol. over chips is grand, and i like mine with a little green tabasco sauce.

    1. I'm all about embracing the 'working class' way of life. I'm guessing when you say chips you are referring to what we call fries over here, right? sounds delicious!

  2. Mmmm... a macaroon is a perfect chocolatey treat for a two year old (and a mama). And yes, eggs on everything! My husband has been baking eggs on top of pizza. So good!

    1. eggs on pizza?! and baked? you just crack them over the pie and slide it in the oven? I'm intrigued.......... and hungry.

  3. if i have leftovers, it gets topped with a fried egg and sometimes a little siracha sauce too. so far my faves are chard or kale sauteed wilted in a skillet where i've fried a little bacon and some shallots, over quinoa, fried egg to top it off. yep. also, whole grain toast, avocado spread on top, sprinkled with salt and topped with a fried egg.

    1. mmmmm, sriracha! I like to put it on my mac and cheese along with sesame oil. I've done toast with ricotta and a fried egg (yum), but not the avocado.... getting some good ideas here from you ladies!


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