easy, lazy, rainy

lazy Saturday morning with Claire started with
flowers on the front step,
a very sweet early morning surprise from my mama...
we went to the tailgate market
and sat around for a couple hours
listening to music,
chatting with friends...

I was reminded of why I do so love this town

we ate apricot croissants and rye cookies
bought goat milk soap and baby bok choy
after the market broke down I stood in the parking lot with a friend
and we watched (for over an hour) our girls play and laugh together...
they put on quite a show, those two
there is so much joy in standing back and soaking it in

in the afternoon I mulched the paths between our raised beds and
I'm loving the cohesiveness it brings to the garden

a little visiting with neighbors and while we were there the mama of the house
(that house, not this house) was gifted with a very handsome angora bunny
(seems papa is quite spot-on with the mother's day gifting)
back to our place for dinner and music
and strawberry jam making
but not with our berries, nope
we eat them up way too fast for that, the bowlful or so we gather daily
who am I kidding, there's not even usually time to get a bowl
loved hearing the pop-pop-pop of the lids as they sealed
opened one up just hours after making
(quality control and all)
had to make sure it went well with toasted, buttery sourdough

it did

mother's day brought wildflowers picked in the misty morning from my love
vetch, penstemon, lupine, some kinda little evergreeny something or other......
a bouquet so totally different from the other, and so, so perfect
toast and jam for breakfast (of course)
and then a drive to this wonderful nursery
herbs, flowers (hanging planter, purple flowers~ an easy decision) for my mama, and for home:
stoke's aster, lavender, basil, foamflower (can't get enough of the lovely tiarella), swamp milkweed, butterfly milkweed, black eyed susan, echinacea (white and pink), and a flat of creeping phlox for the mossy front yard that we hope to continue turning into not-grass more and more....

we met my mama out at her new place
a home recently purchased with her husband
six acres, that Mike explored as we girls hung out and painted a little
Claire got to put her handprints on the newly painted wall
(I was not asked to put mine on the wall, but I am okay with that)

he found some interesting stuff on those mostly wooded six acres:
two old boats,
an old metal chevrolet sign nailed to a tree,
an old tool embedded in a log,
a trough with some plants growing in it....
plants that were obviously being tended....
(ones that are of a variety that is not exactly, um, legal)
not my mother's

my recommendation was to leave a note on the trough for the plant-tender to find
something maybe a little.......
indiscernible, in terms of the level of approval by the note-writer
could be good for a laugh
certainly would shake things up a little bit for the mysterious 'gardener'

anyway, enough about that

I'm enjoying the greens and berries and eggs we are collecting in our yard daily
and there's so much more to come!  The bees are good, the raspberries are covered in flowers, and I've got mulching and planting to keep me busy for the next few days, and upcoming visits to look forward to~ good stuff.

a happy week to all~

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  1. sounds like a lovely weekend. love hearing how much you love your town, the market, the friends and family you have there...you are so very lucky.

    1. it really is a sweet place.... and these things are all welcome reminders of why we choose to be in town now instead of chasing the dream of land, land, land..... one day.

      but not now.

  2. beautiful post! your strawberries look gorgeous! We are still waiting for ours to turn red.

    1. thanks~ we have enjoyed them very much, although they were way way sweeter before all the rain we've been getting the last week. But.... can't really complain about the rain I guess, since it's kinda important what with all the gardening ;)

      wishing you tasty ripe berries asap!


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