March 9 - making me smile

some of the little things bringing a smile to my face lately:

-catching up with 2 dear friends via telephone today.  I am not, in general, a fan of talking on the phone, but it sure can be nice

-more daylight, more eggs

-the talk of a deck (and to follow, windows being swapped out for doors leading to said deck) is turning into somewhat solid plans, perhaps just in time for warmer weather

-the trays of sprouting seedlings

-hearing Claire tell Mike (and me) about how she was born.... "baby Claire grew and grew in mama's baby belly and then mama pushed and pushed and "uuuuunnnngghhh!" (which I suppose is similar to the sound I make when I tell her the story and get to the pushing part) baby Claire came out in the water and papa picked her up." (she is good at retelling this because, due to my extreme lameness in making up stories, it is the story I most often tell when she requests on)

-my new rosemary candle

-the promise of massages in my near future as I cash in a gift certificate and a door prize.  aaahhhhhhhhh.


thanks for taking the time to read and comment~