March 8 - bees, take two

It seemed so promising.  

For several months last spring, summer, and into fall, we had a healthy hive.  To'ing and fro'ing, gathering and storing........

but then something happened.

We think it was a mix of things.  Shortage of nectar at an important time and a lack on our part to supplement them at that time, a possibly sickly queen, certainly a fair amount of robbery from other bees/wasps.

And then, quite suddenly it seems, the hive was quiet.

We have two new batches of bees on order with a local bee guy.  A very nice and very old man a county over from us.  I haven't met him in person yet, but I liked the way he shouted excitedly over the phone when we talked.  I am to call him on April 15th to inquire about the state of our bees and their readiness.  And then we will drive over the mountain and down some to collect them.

Mike will be out of town that week.  In Indianapolis for some big fire conference.

That may make things a bit tricky, but Claire and I can swing it.  Her bee veil isn't here yet, but I have plans to order one for her soon.  That, and hopefully I'll be able to call in an extra set of hands.

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