March 24 & 25 - weekending in sicktown

this little girl is having a rough time fighting off whatever this case of yuck has been
10 days now, no 11
she is so, so tired
but generally in decent spirits
except, of course, when she's not~ and then it is pretty ugly around here
fever on Friday
pjs and gardening on Saturday
hung with beeba for a while today while mama and papa were at the movies
there has been lots of baby poetry dvd watching (SO cute- I think it's an HBO special, we get it from the library fairly regularly since it's her favorite)
still very little eating and drinking (and nose breathing) on her part
heading to the doc tomorrow to rule out strep and sinus/ear infection..... I tend not to run to the doc, but I'd like to know what we've got going on seeing as how it won't go away (though tonight after bath we made some progress with the dreaded saline spray/snot sucker combo and she is now, at 9:30pm, still happily playing with papa.... this is what happens when you sleep on mama's chest for 2 1/2 hours in the late afternoon)
and then to the store afterwards to restock the children's herbs/vitamins and find some chest rub since it doesn't seem likely that I'll be making any anytime soon

How do people with more than one child hang when one of the littler ones is sickly and in need of ALL of your time, energy, and attention?

Speaking of all that goes into parenting, I've just started Alfie Kohn's Unconditional Parenting, and I loved this one line he has about how before he was a parent, he didn't realize all sorts of things about how hard it would really be~ particularly how, when you've reached the end of your rope, you suddenly just have to find more rope.

So true.

Here's to really long ropes.  And lots of scraps of it laying around just where you need them.


  1. at the first sign of a cold in my littles, i start giving them emergen c and elderberry syrup for immune support. if it progresses, i break out the homeopathy and nip it in the bud. there are a few great remedies for colds and such that work wonderfully.

    also, if you're not using homeopathy (they say eucalyptus will work as an antidote), i put eucalyptus eo in the humidifier at night as well i rub some on the soles of their feet and then put a pair of socks on. helps them with congestion and coughing while they sleep. since your little girl is still pretty young, you could mix a few drops with coconut oil (or some other carrier oil) before putting it on her feet.

    1. thanks for sharing your wellness repertoire, it is very similar to ours! Emergen-c and elderberry were the two things I went out and got for her last week (and I put eucalyptus and thieves oils in her humidifier), but I think I waited too long this time. I didn't have any of either in the house and so I was just giving her lemon juice (with some honey) in water for vitamin C and finished off the last little bit of a children's wellness herbal formula and kind of dropped the ball after that. I've been meaning to try homeopathic remedies for her, but aside from arnica I haven't yet. Which ones have you had great success with?

      Our visit to the doctor today revealed a viral infection in her throat that had caused sores and therefore her reluctancy to eat. Poor girl. Her congestion is clearing away quickly now and hopefully the sores will follow soon.


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