March 23 - morning light and birdsong

I feel like I am in a new romance with the light.  And the birds.  Particularly the morning light.  (and the morning birds, though no doubt many of them are the same as the afternoon and evening birds)  As if I am getting to know them again with the changing season and such.  I love the way the light greets our front porch at just about the same time I feel ready to do so.  Love the way the birds sing me awake.  (of course I am under no delusion that they are actually singing me awake, but it's a nice thought)

I'm foreseeing many coffee and yoga dates on the porch with the morning light, listening to the sweet, lilting songs of the wrens and sparrows.  

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  1. early morning and late afternoon light at this time of year is like a siren song.


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