...I ate cooked-until-mushy (with a little cinnamon, maple syrup, milk and a few cardamom pods) brown rice for breakfast.  And also scrambled eggs.  Washed down with some peach-black tea with milk and honey.

...it was unseasonably warm.  Even more so than usual lately, with temperatures reaching into the 70s.  In February.  Short sleeves.  Birds singing.  Hands in the dirt.

...we spent some time outside doing yard work.  I created a rock-bordered bed for perennial herbs.  Mike set up a table and lights for seed-starting in the crawlspace.

...Claire felt less than great.  She has had a bit of a cold for several days now and is actually sleeping over my shoulder at the moment because she kept waking up from coughing.  Motherhood for me is somehow most vividly felt in the moments that I am tending my unwell babe.

...I wondered why I've not felt up to writing much lately.  Probably a mixed bag.  Nice weather calling me outside and a sniffly little one calling for me to pick her up.  And generally just not a whole lot going on to write about.   And a lack of inspiration to wax poetic over some small moment or a carefully chosen photo from the day.

...thinking maybe I'll try to write daily.  In March.

...also decided that in March I will attempt to budget our (my) grocery spending a bit.  It seems higher to me than it needs to be despite my efforts to be thrifty and our tendency to eat at home.  Of course there are things like beer and wine and stamps and the occasional pack of disposable diapers for night time (because I value the little bit of consecutive sleep I am able to get enough to feel okay about throwing a chlorine free diaper into the landfill each morning, not that you asked) and lately, seeds, thrown into the grocery spending, but still.  We'll see.  Gonna go the 'specified amount of cash for the month and no more' route.  Promises to be a most exciting experience no doubt, so stay tuned.  We may be eating nothing but beans and whatever is in the back of the freezer come the end of the month.

good night~


  1. i buy the seventh generation disposables just for night time because that sleep is so darn precious. it's my one "splurge."

    1. Oh it really is precious isn't it? Claire still nurses a bit at night and I just don't have it in me to actually fully awaken to change out soaked cloth diapers a couple times a night. No guilt. Just a little bit of extra lovely sleep. Ahhhhhhh.


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