"What should we do?" I asked her.  She answered with "Nothing. Just stay home and talk."
I can totally do that.

And so we spent most of a beautiful windows-open Saturday in our pajamas.  Most, not all.  There was chicken tending and some outside play.  But mostly just us girls, inside, chatting, reading and playing.

Then came a damp and chilly fire-going-all-day Sunday.  Baked oatmeal (out of this book) for breakfast.
A new favorite, I think.  So good with a bit of yogurt and a cup of coffee.

Some yard/garden/home dreaming and planning.  Where should we put the outdoor oven?  Does it make more sense to address other (maybe more practical) things or should we just knock a hole in the side of the house and replace those windows with doors and build a little deck already?  Hmmmm.......  I dream and plan and ignore the cost side of things for now.  That's no fun to think about, anyway.

And then, for about an hour or so, we had real snow.  Big fat flakes.  It even stuck a little.  For a little while anyway.

Nothing like a cold winter day to motivate me to bake some bread (everyday oatmeal bread from this book, another new favorite) and make some potato soup.
And I made some kale chips, finally.  They're alright.  I know a lot of folks really dig them, and I agree they are tasty.  I suppose I just prefer my greens prepared otherwise.
Though we still had no trouble putting away a whole baking sheet worth.

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