I am listening to the wind howl.
It soars around the house, whooshes through the trees.
Crazy how much they dance in the gusts.
Alarming, even.
Enough to make me feel quite small and insignificant.
But not in a bad way.
I wonder if the trees enjoy the dancing....

The wind chimes provide a steady clinkety-clackety soundtrack.

I am grateful to be within these sturdy walls.
A fire burning bright.
Flames dancing and sending warmth into the rooms.

I think of those exposed to the cold wind.
Animals, people.
Mostly the people.
I feel humbled.
I tell myself I should do more.
Though to tell the truth, I'm unsure of what exactly I mean by that.
Do more of what?

For now, tea and a book.
Because tending one's own soul is always good, important work too.

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