in the kitchen

there's just something about morning light coming in through a kitchen window.  something that says 'here's a fresh start for you- do with it what you will, hopefully something good'.  I'll never grow tired of taking pictures of food on these decades old light-kissed gold-flecked laminate countertops.  they aren't countertops one would typically hope for, and I found them quite hideous when we first bought the place, but now when I think of replacing them, it actually makes me a little sad.  funny the things that grow on you.

as is the case in many homes, our kitchen is a very active place.  what with all the soul and body nourishing that first takes root in the kitchen, it's no wonder so many call it the heart of the home.  there are days I feel tethered to the kitchen (and garden) for most of the day.  seems like there's always a meal to be prepped, cooked, or cleaned up after.  there is medicine making (and decanting), kombucha brewing (blueberry-ginger-cardamom-lime is my new favorite secondary ferment, though Claire says the mango is the best), sauerkraut bubbling, salad picking, honey licking, tea making, stock simmering, and lately as the weather has turned warmer, lots of smoothies.  subtract the high-powered blender created smoothies from that list and I feel downright old fashioned sometimes.


  1. Absolutely stunning:) Made me hungry, and I am heading to my kitchen right now. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  2. blueberry ginger cardamom lime??? oh. my. goodness. sounds wonderful!!! i always love to see what your up to in that kitchen of yours :)

    1. it's good! I was doing blueberry-lemon regularly and then I had no lemons but had limes, and I just kept going ;)

  3. Your kitchen is really beautiful and clean. Need to show this to my wife and I am sure she gonna love it. Thanks

  4. Ohh yummy I was feeling hungry and now I am going to cook something for my own, which can be made quickly. I guess, Noodles will be best.:p


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