I made us matching hats, my girl and I. 

'pama' is a mix-up of 'papa' and 'mama' that Claire used to use, often and accidentally, when addressing one or the other of us and then realizing mid-speak, that she was talking to the other.  It comes up every now and then, as it did in this little message left behind for us. love, love, love.

not bad for a salad plucked from a January cold frame...

Snow! we got some! 
(and we hope a bit more will come our way before winter's end...)

cold, snowy days are good days for herbal tea brewing and medicine making

So we looked at photos and watched videos of civil rights marches on MLK, Jr. Day, and I talked a little with Claire about how lots of women all over the world were gathering to walk in solidarity for equal rights for themselves and others, and for many, many other things.  It was a brief conversation, really.  I told her our little town was holding it's own march and I asked her if she would like to go and she said yes.  A few hours later she showed me this- a little 'dry run' I suppose, with her plastic animals.  Apparently her plastic animals have strong feelings about women being treated well, being treated the same as men, and being paid more money.  Also, they are fans of love.  LOVE!  love is love is love is love.


  1. Indeed, love is love, love is love...

  2. I didn't think it was possible to love you anymore, but I do. Awesome.

  3. beautiful photos and I love the ones of you at the women's march :)

  4. i love every bit of this post. i have missed you!! nice to "catch up" :)

    1. hi Jenny!!
      hope life is being good to you :)


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