thirty six

(scenes from a birthday campout we had last weekend)

thirty six things I am grateful for, on my thirty-sixth birthday
(a birthday tradition)

:: yesterday's rain

:: dear, sweet friends

:: the wonderful sushi dinner I enjoyed this evening

:: standing in the garden today, surrounded by monarchs drawn to the Mexican sunflowers

:: the experience of raising and releasing monarchs over the last few weeks- such fun!

:: the five+ gallons of cider we pressed in the backyard today, with more to come

:: my body, for working and breathing and carrying me around and doing all the things it is supposed to do (and not too much of what it isn't) even though I don't always treat it as well as I should

:: my morning cup of tea

:: sweet Ollie, for purring at my feet and always finding my lap, and for his multi-syllable meows

:: for the great good fortune of being alive and well and safe and secure

:: for the great good fortune of knowing my child is alive and well and safe and secure

:: for good books to get lost in

:: for two jobs that fill me with joy and gratitude - art/play with kids, and garden/farm work

:: for the sweet birthday serenades by the kids at one of those jobs today, and for the various paper bling (a crown, necklaces, a bracelet...) that they gifted me with

:: the fading, wistful sound of crickets at night

:: and the sporadic yet regular sound of acorns falling on rooftops (the squirrels should be fat and happy this year!)

:: misty, soft mornings

:: watching the birds flying, eating, and flitting about in and around the garden

::  watching her run around wearing her bonnet, and the fact that it hasn't yet occurred to her that her choice of sunhat-style isn't the current cultural norm.  may she continue to not be swayed by such petty, fickle things as current cultural norms.

:: for the sweetest of birthday campouts at the farm last weekend, with the sweetest of friends

:: massages

:: fires- in the wood stove (soon), and in the pit

:: being able to hear the (lonesome sounding, but somehow comforting all the same) train whistle from home

:: fish tacos, and also the reliably tasty $8 meal that never fails me (Tostadas Tulum- veggies, beans, cheese, and shrimp on tostadas) at our local Mexican place

:: music, all sorts (but some more than others)

:: the opportunity to homeschool our daughter, and to grow and learn right alongside her

:: slippers

:: my family, all of them

:: my main squeeze~ for being the most dependable person I know, for being a kind, devoted, protective, playful and hands-on father, and for loving me back and loving me well.

:: salty ocean air, and the chance to stick my feet in the ocean at least a bit this summer

:: that she has gotten to know several of her great-grandparents quite well, and continues to do so

:: for having had the chance to say a heartfelt and meaningful goodbye to my grandfather before he passed away earlier this year.  for being able to hear him say goodbye and to know that he knew HE was heard and seen and loved, so very loved.

:: for the simple mala beads made for me by a friend, and the way the sandalwood smell calms me and the way, even if I don't remember to use it regularly, that just by being there on my wrist it is a subtle reminder to me that I strive for mindfulness, calm, understanding.

:: my collection of photographs that serve to instantly connect me to strong and good memories, which are one of my very favorite things, reminiscent-homebody-introvert that I am

:: the way the light dances around our dining room in the evenings, moving from the table to the wall to the pantry shelves, and all around

:: also, kimchi and chocolate ice cream (but definitely not together)

I love creating these lists- and while I don't look back at previous lists before putting the new one together, I always enjoy looking back at them afterwards and linking up to them so I can easily do so~  cheers!






2010 (one of the first posts I ever wrote)


  1. Belated Birthday wishes, a wonderful tradition.

  2. Your life is so wonderfully full!

    1. :) it has definitely been feeling that way lately, for sure.
      hope all is well with you and yours!

  3. Your posts are just so lovely. I have been enjoying some of your archived posts....you are most blessed. Thanks and Happy Birthday:)

  4. love this beautiful gratitude list. your lovely thoughts remind me of so many things i am thankful for. happy happy birthday friend. i am so glad you were born and that i have you in my life... even if it's just a few pictures and words here and there... thank you.


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