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I hosted another swap recently and it was a lovely mix of people and goodies, as usual.  (Yes, those are bibs- and no, they are not for any impending new offspring of mine.)  This time around I contributed some herbal tinctures, eggs, and elderberry plants, and I came away with some wonderful body butters and bath salts, tea, body scrub bars, reusable kitchen cloths, an indigo-dyed tea towel, the bibs, an infinity scarf, kimchi, and the most delicious strawberry-ginger jam ever.  it's possible the jar was empty within 24 hours of the swap....

The peonies have come and gone.  Our little plant gave us just two bright pink blooms this year, but oh how I enjoyed them!  I'd like to have lots of peonies one day, and I can totally imagine myself as an old woman, sitting outside with my peonies and just smelling them and photographing them to my heart's content.

(these pretty peonies were sweetly gifted to me by my good buddy Lisa after she was all done selling her gorgeous baskets at out local tailgate market last weekend)

There was also a couple of days (and nights) spent camping by the river with friends recently.  It's always good medicine~ running water, birdsong, campfires......  yes, please.  Hopefully there will be much more of the same to come this summer!


  1. I am always enchanted by the swap such a brilliant idea, you certainly came away with some great things.

    1. we always have such fun! and I am constantly amazed by all the goodness that these women churn out to bring to each swap!


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