flowers, light, and attempts at organization

recently inspired by Dawn, I've decided to give bullet journaling a try.  not being a smartphone user, I certainly don't rely on my phone to organize my days.  instead, I've been relying on two large dry erase calendars in the office, and very many random scraps of paper.  seeing as how I can't take the dry erase boards with me, and how those scraps always go missing...... well, I knew I could use a bit of a change.  so I bought myself a nice red moleskine and got to work.  so far, so good.  I like having multiple pages of different notes all in one place, and so far, aside from the general month overview and weekly calendar pages, I've got lists in there for books to read, photography projects, writing ideas, herbal medicines and salves to be made, and a few other things as well.  having an index in the beginning is wonderful, and makes the otherwise potentially chaotic book appear tidy and somewhat orderly.  it is clear that the possibilities are endless.

I'm still feeling it out, but already I feel more organized and on top of things.  which isn't to say that I'm actually getting things done..... but at least I have a clearer idea of what needs attention.  lately the things that have been getting most of my attention are things like hiking and canoeing, gardening and preserving.  and ice cream.  the other stuff can wait.  except maybe packing for our upcoming (we leave Thursday morning) two week trip up to NJ and Maine.  I should probably get on top of that.  part of me is very excited for NJ blueberry picking, the beach, clamming, exploring on the bike, lobsters, salty ocean air and sweet baby niece snuggles.  another part of me is already anticipating coming back home and settling in again, taking stock of the wild garden and a counter overflowing with eggs.  oh to be a homebody who loves a good road trip.


  1. I think I would be lost without my journal. I have taken some ideas from the bullet journal and incorporated them. It definitely makes staying on top of things a lot easier.

    Hope you have a great trip. Safe travels.

  2. go you! I love using my notebook, although it's not bullet form....yet. I write everything down in it and it has saved me many a times.

  3. I've been making some progress on creating a new system, based on Dawn's post, too. I really like the graph paper, and I didn't think I would. Now if I can just remember to reach for my journal instead of scrap paper. When I had my own business, I was dedicated to journal calendar - I never went anywhere without it. If I can pick up that practice again, I'll be set. And organized!

  4. how funny... that sounds like what i do! for years i have always kept a "notebook" and i write everything in it. every random little thing. ideas, quotes, to-do lists, random thoughts, sometimes i keep lists at the back for holiday gift ideas or birthday ideas. i'm a maniac about it though... ill periodically go through and rip out a bunch of pages that no longer serve me :) when i have completely filled (or demolished) my notebook... my top priority is always getting a new one. i don't know what i would do without it :)


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