some days it almost feels like a farm...

it's not of course.  a farm, that is.  and I know that, I really, really do.  it's not even close.  the other day I made jam and yogurt.  the berries weren't from our yard, they were from Illinois.  and the milk wasn't from our yard, we don't have anything to milk around here.  but that's alright, it still felt very good to make and do these things.

I collected several beets and carrots, a big cutting of kale and collards.  not wanting the oatmeal topped with the maple syrup we processed early this year, Mike ate eggs from our hens for breakfast and later he went out and collected some wood to start the stockpile for next year's maple syrup processing.  we checked on the hives and ate a bit of honey from one.  for some reason they had some cross-comb (comb stretching between two frames) in the hive, so we had to remove it to keep them from continuing to build the comb in this way.  some we left out near the hive for them to salvage the honey, some we ate.  mmmm mmmm good.

we ended the day with a meal that included potatoes, greens, beets, carrots, and parsnips from the backyard.  on days like this I feel almost like we're living our dream of having a farm someday....... even though right now it's all playing out on less than a third of an acre.

I think if I could just fix the bit about not having anything to milk I'd be set.  and, and, and.......


  1. it sounds like a farm, maybe you could call it a farmette ;-)

  2. Doesn't it feel good to get that feeling, knowing you are working with limited resources, but making it work!?! So glad that it feels like a farm to you! And farmette? Perfect!

    1. oh my gosh it feels sooo good, yes! I do realize the whole notion of calling it a farm is a bit silly, but some days... yep, feels about like it. cheers!


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