this weekend was soft light and backyard flowers
a saturday morning walk to the tailgate market and a visit from my mom
dinner with friends, and much catching up

celebrating papa with pancakes, bacon, and coffee in a special new mug
(it says papa, not pap)

there was gardening, tilling, and planting
fairy house tinkering
planning and scheming

and now, a gentle rain
and a little girl painting at 8:45pm after napping (she never naps) from 5:45-6:45pm
that early morning trip to the coffee shop with mama is to blame, I think
for a few minutes I actually thought maybe it was just going to be a very early night
a resetting of her internal clock, perhaps
ah well~

*weekending with amanda


  1. love that last photo, the light is just amazing.

    1. I am in love with the late afternoon light these days..... it dances around our dining room and throws the prettiest shadows on the walls

  2. the cup is delightful and will be treasured for years :) I dreaded any nap unforeseen after 3 p.m. It meant a l-o-n-g evening for me!!

    1. I think it turned out well- we did the sharpie on ceramic (then baked in the oven) thing, and so far, so good.
      oh yes, definitely!


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