these days... (and welcome summer)

these early summer days have been a mix of lounging and playing, making and doing.  there was a release of a certain little someone, the sole remaining survivor of our tadpole-raising experiment.  she named it Water.  we released it in a quiet little eddy in a nearby creek.  here's hoping he/she is making out alright.

she has been enjoying the recently mama-made number rods

we enjoyed a lunch completely from the garden~
peas, potatoes, and steamed garlic scapes.  
well, and butter.  the butter was not from our yard.  maybe one day.
probably not

it turns out she is quite the michael jackson fan.  while making peanut butter cups the other day I decided he would be the perfect musical accompaniment and she wholeheartedly agreed.

and then proceeded to rock out all around the dining room.  thriller and smooth criminal seemed to get her moving the most.

calling her to come lick the spoons clean of their peanut butter and maple syrup goodness got her moving, too.

and then today, playing at the park by the lake, we greeted summer.
and this duck.

happy summer to all.  now it's official, even though it's felt like it for weeks. welcome, welcome dear season of lightening bugs and popsicles, mosquito bites and sultriness, slow liquid days and easy paced meanderings.  I hope to celebrate you with some canoeing and kayaking, hiking and camping, many ice cream dinners and countless books read.  throw in some warm tomatoes just picked from the yard, their juice dripping down my chin and flavors mixing so deliciously with basil and olive oil and salt.  some bat watching at dusk and star gazing after, and (fingers crossed) our first ever honey harvest.


  1. love, love, love! love the rocking and the making and the creating!! oh and that little froggy too. xo

    1. oh my gosh, he (or she) must have been the cutest passenger to every take a ride in my car!


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