knock knock

transplanting some romaine into the garden the other day, (sneaking it in between the beds because it seems no matter how many beds we add I run out of room quickly- a prime example being the 22 tomato plants I still have to find homes for. um...) I told her the corny old knock-knock joke about the lettuce.  you know:

knock knock
who's there?
lettuce who?
lettuce in it's cold outside

she looked confused, of course.  so I bumbled through an explanation (if you could call it that) of knock-knock jokes and told her again.  and then she told me she had her own.

knock knock
who's there?
oregano who?
oregano lettuce in it's cold outside.

and there you have it.


later on, her on my knee, I prompted her (after talking about how we were related to different family members) with:

"so you are my...."
I was going for 'daughter', but instead she answered:

"beautiful girl,
favorite darling,

yep.  that's about right.


  1. Oh Amanda - these made me laugh out loud. And the latter one - too right! :) Bless her heart.

    Happy weekend and happy mother's day!

    1. she's pretty funny, this favorite darling of mine~

      thank you and you, too!


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