from handfuls to bowlfuls

over the course of a few days our strawberry beds have exploded with the tasty little harbingers of summer.  today we picked a true bowlful and I'm hoping tomorrow we can top it off for our first ever jam (making) session from our own backyard.  last year the plants were just getting started and no way could we keep from gobbling them all up as we picked them.  this year, there are more to go around.  and she is quick to come to my side if I require any help preparing them.

strawberry jam, strawberry shortcake...... what's your favorite way to eat these beauties?  other than, of course, straight off the plant and still warm from the sun.  which is of course the best of all~  I'm thinking there must be some delicious strawberry beverages out there....


  1. strawberry margaritas perhaps?
    loved your comment on my blog today.
    I SO get everything you said. And once again, it's like I could have written it. Cheap Succulents? YES PLEASE! Who has money for new patio furniture or expensive succulents, right? But back to you:
    I love visiting here. And I'm a little envious of your strawberries.

    1. I'm usually a beer girl. or bourbon. but strawberry margaritas sound pretty good!
      thanks~ I found so many things in that post that I related to, so I couldn't help but comment. aw, thanks Cory- I appreciate your visits. surely you can grow strawberries in California, yes? I KNOW you can grow a shit ton of lemons!
      (speaking of which.... I got a lemon and a lime tree! little patio sized ones I can bring in in the winter- hooray!)

  2. i'm envious of the strawberries too. they are hard to grow here in Texas. sometimes i feel like downer debbie from SNL when it comes to talking gardening with my"here in Texas" bit...

    claire is looking so big these days. i do really intend to send you that box of clothes one day.

    1. I bet it's tough though- seems like your season comes early and is quite brief, right? then it gets too hot and dry to be able to grow anything without watering an obscene amount? hmmmm...... I'd like to see that. a Nichole SNL skit. oh please, oh please!

      she IS so big! she is tall and big in so many ways right now. bigger than I'm ready for. I'd love that! just email me and I'll paypal you the $ for shipping.


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