she and them

she loves these girls.  over the course of the last several months her interactions with them have changed from mostly chasing them around the yard (sometimes with a stick) to doting on them and calling them, bringing them all sorts of 'treats', turning over rocks for them to find yummy bugs.....  it's about time, too.  that chasing them around the yard bit (not always with a stick, and no, she didn't hit them, but still....) was getting pretty old.

don't let the sort-of screen door fool you.  that Margaret knows her way around it.  to the point that I find her in the kitchen often and, once the other day, in the living room.  walking around slowly, cautiously, making her soft little brrruaaahhhhh sounds.   that girl gets around.  she's the one that went down the street recently, the one I found standing on top of Claire's picnic table next to the driveway when we pulled up the other day.  the driveway, by the way, is not within the fenced in yard.  the fenced in with wooden fencing and chicken wire yard.  hmmm.  silly bird.


  1. Awwww - look at all your girls :) It must be nice to watch how Claire's interaction and relationship with the ladies develop.

    Hahah - Margaret - not-so-silly clever bird :)

    Enjoy the weekend :)

    1. it is- actually both with the hens and with our cat, Ziggy. very similar interactions, actually, no wonder he wasn't so sure about her for a loooong time. poor guy, he just never knows which Claire to expect!

      oh I love that chicken~
      you too!

  2. Found your blog via Lady Cordelia.

    How precious is a girl with some hens? sigh.

    LOVE the butt shots!

    My hen, Melba, is the wanderer in our family. She's smart too. So smart.

    Love the blog! Want bees!

    1. I do so love their fuzzy little bottoms! they are way smarter than I ever thought they'd be~ love the name, Melba.

      thank you!


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