this weekend
we girls
welcomed march with cold blustery days
and kept the home fire burning

the hens figured out they have a new place to call home

there was a friend's birthday party
and a visit from beeba
complete with strong coffee and french toast
a paint-your-own bird house kit for Claire
(and a golden raspberry plant for mama)
always bearing gifts, my mama

lots of garden dreaming these days

I went through Claire's stash of spring/summer clothes for the year
(we are now officially at the end of our hand me downs- eek!)

I've been eating up wendell berry's hannah coulter
thinking I need to read my way through all of his stuff

weekending with amanda


  1. oh how we love hand me downs. so so nice!
    and golden raspberry plant!! fab! we planted a few of those when we lived in maine. :)

    1. indeed. I have purchased so few things for her myself and get quite excited about new bags of hand me downs. looking forward to planting the raspberry soon when papa returns from a trip and we move around some fruit trees/shrubs.

  2. love the presents you received from your mom :) Lovely blue sky you captured!! It's been cloudy around here.

    1. she is a very good gifter, I must say. you are north, right? hope you're staying warm!

  3. running out of hand-me-downs is scary! we'll be running out of them for the little miss soon and i'm bummed.

    1. indeed! I am actively seeking new hand-me-downers. well come on by.... I can give you some of Claire's old things ;)


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