and then, snow

sunshiny days and freezing nights, sandals one day and boots the next, plant the seeds or no?  picking daffodils and then stoking the wood stove.  back and forth, back and forth.  such is the way with these transitional times of year.

today: snow.  a blustery dry snow that has bounced around all day yet hasn't really stuck all that much.

and us: packing for florida.  good timing, really.  I like winter and all, love sitting by the fire drinking chai and snuggling with my people with good books and movies very nearby.  but with these spring tease days we've been having off and on, I am ready for the sunny and seventy weather that's in store for us for the next several days.  homebody that I am, I already look forward to coming back home to my own bed and seedlings and a date with the feed store to pick up new chicks.  but southbound feels about right for now.

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