this weekend was balmy
not an adjective I expect to use in January
but fitting, as it was humid and nearly seventy degrees
we welcomed the fresh air into the house with windows and doors open wide
(but not the back door because some of the chickens will come inside)

we watched hyacinths go from tight buds to bursting purple fireworks,
all in a matter of about 36 hours

Saturday morning was blueberry pancakes with beeba
followed by a continuation of the purge- all sorts of things packed up to find new homes
some selectively stored away in case there's another little pup some day

we worked outside,
Mike pulling out ignored (and aphid covered- even in January) green onions
and cutting back raspberries
Claire helped me harvest the remaining parsnips and tidy up a bit
we made plans for a different kind of chicken coop

he spent some time studying for the GRE and I stood by
feeling intimidated just glancing at the math
but excited to go over vocab flashcards
(I could use a little boost in that department these days, I feel)

speaking of intimidation
there is my grandfather's violin
sitting in it's case underneath the cedar chest in my room
a christmas gift, one I asked about long ago
haven't played a lick since 6th grade and I remember pretty much nothing
as in ZERO

I'll be lucky to be busting out mary had a little lamb by next christmas

today Claire practiced writing her name for the first time
I wrote it first and she watched, then copied
the "e" is the hardest, she says

there was the discovery that the benny goodman pandora station suits all three of us
there are only a few that we all three regularly and wholeheartedly agree on

she and I went on a nice long afternoon hike
with her on her own two feet the entire time (a first)
we searched for interesting things and made small talk
she told me she'd protect me from the bears,
and when I asked her what she liked most about the forest she said
"the tigers"

and then we came home to help papa make a dinner
that we shared with good friends

a happy week ahead to all!

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  1. A walk without carrying a little someone is a huge success! My son is studying for the gre and the math subject test. Quite the undertaking if you ask me. I bet once you start the violin you will remember all sorts of stuff. Love your daughter's handwriting!

    1. It felt so good to walk side by side and not carry her for this hike/walk.... granted, it took longer, but I was looking for a longer stroll anyway... ugh, I know- seems silly that for a grown man to go back to school (for something totally unrelated to math) he should need to prove his ability to map/solve complicated equations. Gosh, I hope I remember at least something, but I never got very far in middle school as it was, so we'll see! thanks, it's pretty sweet to see her trying out new things and gaining confidence from it all!

  2. those first walks without carrying or pushing a stroller are so good and confidence building too!

    1. indeed! whenever she asked (and she DID ask, several times. ok, maybe 3 or 4) to be carried, I'd comment on how she had walked the whole way herself so far and didn't that feel good and wow! (and such) she was definitely feeling accomplished by the end, I 'd say!

  3. we walked all the way to the river and down the river path last week. Which is probably 1.5 miles total. It was awesome. We left home just the two of us, no stroller or wagon. And she walked the entire way, up and down the hills. I almost blogged about it (maybe I will soon). I was so proud of her.

    1. that sounds so sweet, Nichole~ we didn't just walk out the door, but were hiking in an area that's just a little over a mile from us.... I'd love to walk there and then hike, but we're years from that, I think. The area (Montreat, NC) has miles and miles of trails with a couple shelters and a campground, something we've not yet taken advantage of but hopefully will soon.


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