hey look, it's snowing

The snow came and we played.  I got to try out my new snow boots, very excited to actually use them just a week after buying them.  Bundled up, we ran around, throwing snowballs and pulling sleds.  We even got a snowman started before heading back in for hot cocoa by the fire.  Extra marshmallows, please.  We got married in the backyard here, and one of my favorite photos from that day was of the two of us walking away along the fence in the fourth (above) photo.  Now anytime that scene ends up in a picture I can see us walking along there, newly married, hand in hand.  It was a much different day, about 60 degrees warmer, but I can still picture the mid summer us of seven years ago walking along that fence.  Snow or sunshine, I see us there.

Claire was gifted a sweet wooden sled from nana and pipop.  And the awesome pajamas (which I so very highly recommend) that she's wearing on the couch up there while reading one of her new favorite books (The Tomten) with her Aunt Jen (Jenni-baby, according to Claire).  I was thrilled that we actually got the chance to try out her sled just minutes after she received it.  That marked her inaugural sled experience (Winter didn't really come through for us last year in North Carolina, and the year before she was still a wee one and, well, we had no sled) and she quite liked it.  Today we headed back out to sled (um, pull) some more and to finish the snowman.  Which happened to also be her inaugural snowman making experience.  Some good firsts during this visit, for sure.


  1. those first two photos made me teary eyed -- they capture so much that is fleeting. your days look beautiful. claire is getting so big. i'm so happy to know her and you through this space. much love to you and your family.

    1. fleeting, indeed. slow down, slow down!
      and thanks, Nichole~ I feel very much the same!


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