long and lovely weekend

We thoroughly soaked up our long weekend around here.  Papa worked Thanksgiving day, but Claire and I brought the necessary provisions to the station to make coffee and pumpkin pancakes (an official tradition in our home now, with this the third year of us making them on Thanksgiving morning) for him and his crew.  We stayed for a couple hours and then headed out to my dad's to visit and prepare a meal together.  And then it was home, to make stuffing and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce that we wheeled down the block to our dear neighbors' home, where we shared our evening meal.  These particular neighbors have welcomed Claire and I to their holiday table on several occasions and it seems to be becoming a tradition that we crash their place when papa is working.  We love them in general though, not just because of that.

A lot of out and about-ing, a lot of cooking, but strangely, no stress.  A lovely, if a bit wonky, Thanksgiving day.  There was also this pie.  Yum.  I will be needing to get her (Ashley English's) new pie book as soon as possible, I do think.

I spent several hours this weekend playing around with a new little addiction, recycled t shirt rugs made using a hula hoop as a loom.  It started as a project with the kids at art class, then I had to make one for Claire.  Then I wanted to see about making a rectangular one.  And now I'm hooked.  Now I want to make one for our kitchen, our bathroom, in front of the fire.......

They are so easy.  And it is meditative and welcomingly mind-numbing to sit by the fire and weave while I snack on something or other and gaze at the recently hung twinkly lights.  Ahhhhhhh.  Under, over, under, over.......

There was also some back yard play with a neighbor friend.  Leaf raking, chicken chasing, rug weaving.  And snacking, with the pumpkin custard dish shared three ways.  There's always a bit of pie filling left when I make pumpkin pie, and there's NO way I'm going to toss that goodness.  And so, pumpkin custard cups.

Lots of happy side-by-side downtime this weekend, with papa home for four days straight the day after Thanksgiving.

And then on Saturday, a trip to Beeba's.  For a belated holiday meal, some crafting (I am new to sewing, and she was guiding me as I made bread bags.  yep, so new that I needed help with bread bags.  it's been since 8th grade home economics class.)

There was also some foraging for greenery and other fun wreath and garland materials, and careful deliberation over a most important thing.....

her own little tree~

She made a playground with her blocks, complete with stairs,

we roasted 3 large pumpkins and now have quarts of pumpkin puree to freeze,

and she has moved on this past week from drawing sunshines to drawing people.  Below is (according to her) me as a little girl, (I'm the orange one) with my dad.

cheers~ and happy holiday season!

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  1. I love how you spent thanksgiving day carting around your food and visiting people. It seems like the perfect way to give thanks. You look so sweet as an orange person with your dad (you match the pumpkins!). Great weekend!!

    1. it really was a lot of fun..... I was able to visit with loved ones, cook things that I really wanted to, and even catch a few minutes of the big parade (which I equate to essential Thanksgiving morning background noise, having grown up with it always on as my mom prepared food and we played) I thought there'd be at least a tinge of disappointment not making a whole meal at home, but there wasn't. I really enjoyed the varied and shared experience!

  2. love how you made thanksgiving special despite the fact your mr. had to work!

    and the rugs!!!! love. i've been contemplating rag rugs for my floors, as in making them myself. do you think your method is easier? harder? might be worth trying with my girls...

    1. I find myself holding onto traditions more now, as a mom, and trying hard to create new ones. I think the pumpkin pancake breakfast thing helped a bit with me letting go of the idea of a more traditional Thanksgiving day this year. And it really was all a lot of fun, especially carting half of Thanksgiving dinner down the road in a wagon!

      Oh I love them, too! And they are so, so easy. I don't know what method you were going to use (braiding? crocheting? using a latch-hook canvas?) but this is the only one I've tried and it really is super easy. The kids that I did it with at art class were between 1st and 5th grade, and they got it pretty easily, with just a bit of supervision and guidance needed at times. It took me a total of probably 4-5 hours to make the round rug (about 2 feet across) and 2 hours to make the rectangle (14"x 20"). I plan to look for a big old picture frame to use to make a peg loom for larger rectangular rugs for around our house. Or I guess I could make something simple. (by which I most likely mean I will ask Mike to make something 'simple') ;)

  3. so wonderful! love those rugs. I have a little hand loom for the kids in the classroom, but a hoola hoop sounds like so much fun.

    and that itty bitty tree is the cutest! how perfect for her space! might have to do the same here!

    1. it is fun~ a bit tricky getting the tension right so that the rug doesn't curl up into a basket once off the hoop (though a fabric basket would be fun, too), but with practice I've learned as long as I am very gentle and don't pull the weft strings too tight (or at all, really), just carefully pushing them in towards the center (but again, not too tight) that it works well.

      I was super excited about the tree. And she really likes it. Bet Bea would, too~

  4. Wow. Those are SO rad.
    And I love the feeling of the room, with the little see-through tent and tree.
    DARLING, my friend!!

    1. aw, thanks~ it has become a pretty sweet little space... I like spending time in there.

  5. Oh, I just love her tree! What an inviting space. Thanksgiving isn't one of our holidays but I'm trying to think of some way to incorporate toting things around in a wagon. It really is special to build and maintain traditions as a mum, isn't it? Somehow it's all the more fun! The little artist is really coming along - did you draw the picture in the frame behind your new "portrait"?

    1. thanks! the tree now has a string of colorful lights and a few little ornaments on it... it can't handle much, but I bet we could string some popcorn for a little garland. though...... hmmmmm.... would that get eaten? perhaps.

      the carting around of food was a blast~ I'd also love to figure out a way to do it more often. neighborhood potlucks, maybe? and yes, as a mom, I truly can't get enough of tradition-setting and observing for our little family!

      my mom drew that picture~ it's from a picture of Claire in a hammock when she was about 9 months old or so.


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