of starfish and sea oats... (or, beachy photo montage)

We just got back from spending three nights and four days on the South Carolina coast~ with a little house (a very cute place built in the 1940s) in Folly Beach as our home base, we walked around town and along the beach, ate several yummy meals (thank you Taco Boy, Lost Dog, Folly Beach Shrimp Co., and Crosby's Seafood Market), relaxed, rocked on the porch, happily patronized Bert's Grocery (an awesome little grocery/convenience store that carries a pretty sweet selection of foods, beverages, and miscellaneous whatnot, and came in handy when we were in need of bread, ice cream, beer, and other staples) listened to music, finished off season two of Downton Abbey, and looked for treasures along the shore.

home for a few days

 the bench where I laid my hat

morning coffee and sunbeams on the front porch

 folly beach pier

 self portrait #1

 self portrait #2
(do two self portraits in one post make me vain?)


 sand and apples don't necessarily mix, but you can't go wrong with those cute dainty toes

 monsters crushing sand castles

 my precious solo beach time... short, but oh-so-sweet

 lovely sea oats

 fighting against the wind for her hat on our "goodbye beach" walk


Before heading home, we explored Charleston a bit.  Which is to say that we played in the fountains and ate lunch.  Afterwards, we stopped at a shrimp place in Shem Creek to buy several pounds of the tasty little crustaceans and get some ice cream.  Which ended up being frozen yogurt because that's what we found.  Ever been to one of those self-serve frozen yogurt places?  Crazy!  I am glad there was a bubbly person working there who was excited to give us the low down, because after we walked in I just kind of stared.  And, I think we ate more in our sample cups than we did in the cup we purchased.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Maybe I need to get out more.  Minutes after settling in for the close to five hour drive back home, Claire was asleep, and stayed such for nearly the entire drive. (bedtime last night was after 11pm thanks to that)

It's good to be home~ the leaves are amazing, and as much as I feel the beach fills me up in so many ways, so does fall in the mountains.  Which makes the post-vacation transition quite easy in this case.


  1. Stunning photos - looks like you had an amazing time. I'm so glad you got your beach retreat and soaked up lots of salt and sand. That house looks so cute! What was your beach book??

    1. thanks! the house really was super cute~ just the right size, and an easy walk into town or to the beach... the book was called grayson, it was a woman's story about swimming with a lost baby gray whale when she was 17 and training for long open water swims. it's a quick and very sweet read.


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