5:4 (gratitude, day four)


*my grandma will be in town next week, and I can't wait to see her

*our hens that have been molting just started laying again so we're up to 2 eggs a day and soon, hopefully, back to 3

*the woodshed is nearly full of beautifully cut and stacked wood that will bring us warmth
all winter long

*there are new strings of white twinkly lights set up outside.... they're for a party we're hosting tomorrow, but they'll stay up if I have any say in it

*the party is a food (and other non edible utilitarian items) swap, something I've wanted to host for a long time... there will be soups and breads and salad and pumpkin pie and apple bread pudding to smother in the goat milk caramel sauce I've been loving...... good company, lovely fall weather, a fire, a swap, twinkly lights....... can it get much better than all that?


  1. our twinkle lights have been up since last christmas. it makes me happy. your party sounds exactly like something i'd love to attend -enjoy!

    1. I can't get enough of those lights..... I think it truly puts me in a better mood having them on, as though they soften the edges of everything a bit and that hazy, lazy light helps me to relax and slow down when I need to.

      I'd love to have you over for a swap ;)


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