5:2 (or, gratitude, day two)


*the sleep that has been returning to my world, as we've been driving (and occasionally successfully just rocking) Claire to sleep.....  at 2+, she isn't completely weaned yet, and nurses in the night here and there and when she wakes (because it is then that I am at my most vulnerable and would probably do whatever she wanted just so I can get a few more winks and laze in bed a bit longer...).  I finally realized recently that I am ready to actively start down this path and that I wanted (needed) to not have to be the one to get her to bed every night.  This is a start.  And it feels good.

*my neighbors

*going out to the back yard to get what I need when I want greens or to make a salad

*hearing the trains at night (and during the day), a mile or so away~ far enough to not be too abrasive, close enough to be just right

*running water

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