easy like sunday morning

after a full saturday spent hosting a yard sale, hanging with friends and trying out a pretty sweet new local restaurant, Claire and I stayed close to home today~

we had a breakfast picnic in the sunbeams on the walkway in front of our house

(we are tearing through the cardamom-spiced pear butter from last year)

we lingered there, drinking our hot (and not so hot) tea
doing a bit of planning, a bit of drawing
some dolly tending...

(this started as a balloon, but ended up as a "shunshine" with a tiny balloon inside)

inside, she occupied herself with songs and not-too-mischievious mischief
as I did some searching for a house rental for an upcoming beach trip
it's been a year since I've had sand in my toes
real beach sand, anyway
and October is my favorite time to go to the beach

we lunched on a blanket in the grass
watched the chickens,
listened to birds...
there was talk of playing catch
the mitts and a ball were there
but we just looked at them

a wee little bit of gardening~
water the spinach and romaine
search out a couple ripe strawberries
some pulling of parsnips and beets and then,

a pre-dinner snack of popcorn and wine

dinner on the deck and then
her, throwing all of the chair cushions down to the ground...

and declaring the aftermath "her bed"
a blanket was requested
cloud watching followed
(yes, that is the same pajama shirt that she slept in and wore for the entire day, and yes, she is bottomless..... the reddish pile in the grass is her undies and pants, shed in order to pee outside before I could stop her. not that I typically do. we tend towards uncouth in that arena I am afraid. but potty training is just like that sometimes.  and yes, we grown ups are a bit more civilized.)

this, she informed me, is a bear

I can see it

she laid out there for a while,
all snuggled in and sing-talking to herself
I came and went, trying to hear the little stories she was telling

these sweet easy days fill me up just when I need them most
it seems there must be some divine method for when they are doled out
a nice balance to the sometimes strange waters of 2 1/2


  1. what a sweet way to spend the morning! i'm inspired to try a breakfast picnic :)

    1. It was fun, and Claire definitely liked it~ she has requested breakfast picnics the last three days in a row now! It was a tad chilly this morning, but with sweatshirts and a blanket we made out alright ;)

  2. That's how potty training rolled around here. Now, after it is complete, outside is still the favored place for a pee. (Of course, the six year old does usually manage to replace her underwear..usually.)

    1. Have I told you how, when we were up north recently at Mike's folks' place, she actually let herself outside to go pee in the yard instead of right there in the potty? Like a little puppy! But to be honest, I think I may be guilty of giving her somewhat mixed signals with the whole outdoor peeing thing......

  3. What a day! You had beautiful weather and I could just feel how relaxed the day was. Love the popcorn snack. I think I might make some tonight :)

    1. The weather really WAS great...... these past several days have started to suddenly feel very much like fall and it's getting me very excited!

      I've started popping it in coconut oil and it's so yummy. And I'm learning that I will pretty much eat however much I pop, so, you know, I guess I should keep an eye on that ;)


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