wonder : hope

I wonder what she'll be like when she gets older,
wonder how she'll wear her hair,
what music she'll prefer listening to,
if her love of gardening and insects and rocks and such will stick...
I wonder what sort of things will bring her comfort,
which places will become her favorites,
how she'll take her coffee or tea.
will she be a morning person or a night owl?
what kind of person will she fall in love with?
will I be a grandmother?
what will she collect?

I hope she grows up feeling loved beyond words,
accepted exactly as she is,
comfortable in her own skin...
I hope she will know she can always come to me and not worry
that I'll judge her or be angry if the words she speaks are ones I don't necessarily want to hear
(I hope I can stand by that, and not become angry or judgmental when the time comes).
I hope she finds more reasons to trust than not,
experiences ever so many more joys than sorrows,
explores the world around her with the same enthusiasm and fresh eyes that now take everything in with such innocent wonder, amazement, and appreciation.
I hope she finds joy in sinking her toes into the sand and soil and feeling the warm pulse
of life in this great green world,
feels the way we are all connected,
looks for beauty in the ordinary and mystery in the commonplace.
I hope she needn't search for peace
because it is already within.

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  1. these last lines:
    "I hope she needn't search for peace
    because it is already within."

    love them. you've beautifully put all the hopes and dreams of motherhood into words.

  2. so nice of you to say, thank you~

  3. You should keep this for the time when your daughter can read and thank you for being such a wonderful mother. Found you through the Just Write blog hop :)

    1. I try, (to be a good mama) but of course there are many times that I am less than proud as well. I started writing about a year and a half ago, aiming to document our days together as somewhat of an extension on the whole baby book idea. I definitely intend to share it all with her as she gets older.

      thanks for visiting!

  4. What a very sweet post. I echo the words of both of those above - what a great summation of a mama's heart, and that you should keep it for when she's older.

    I look forward to one day having a little one of my own to wonder and hope things about a bit more specifically than I can at this point.

    1. thank you~ and thanks for visiting. your little one will certainly have you wondering and hoping once he/she comes into your life, there's no doubt about that!


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