March 6 - bread

She's big enough and capable enough now to help out in the kitchen a bit.  She prefers eating the bread dough to kneading it, but that's alright.  Look at that face- she didn't think I knew what she was up to.

Silly girl.

That's the Everyday Oatmeal Bread with molasses from the book Simply in Season.  Yum.  Just a tad sweet from the molasses, and moist enough to not crumble when slicing for toast or sandwiches.  I don't recommend it for french toast though- that molasses gets in a bit of a battle with the nutmeg and instead of either really shining, you just can't tell which is supposed to be the star of the french toast. (the nutmeg, of course!)  I think sourdough will forever remain my number one choice for french toast, the breakfast of champions. (I am a big champion)

happy bread baking.


  1. Love the face! I make bread with my daughter too, although not half as fancy as yours sounds!

    1. It's not really all that fancy~ soak a bit of oats for a while, mix in yeast and molasses and your choice of flours.... rise, punch, rise, bake. I suppose it's the same for most breads. My other favorite is the no-knead bread recipe (the one you cook in a cast-iron or similar closed dutch oven) from Mother Earth News. That one is seriously no-frills and comes out looking like something you toted home from the fancy little bakery on the corner. (I don't have a fancy little bakery on my corner, but that's how that bread makes me feel)

      Hope you are well!


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