this weekend

an unseasonably balmy day lead us to the creek for a bit of rock throwing
bare feet in January
where is winter?

dog got chicken
I felt a surprising lack of emotion regarding dog-chicken incident

a very satisfying bout of organizing, shifting and culling of things....

a certain little someone seems to have decided to stop napping
a phase?
(she's not quite two, you know)

three nights of good meals~
chana saag curry,
lentil soup,
noodles with chickpeas, tomatoes, kale and parmesan

'balanced' out by finishing (what surely MUST be) the last of the holiday sweets

happy about that
but at the same time already planning on making a batch of sugar cookies for Claire's upcoming birthday

predictably, NOT because she likes sugar cookies all that much
but because I really like them and because I won't be quite so driven to share this batch with the mailman, trash collectors, lovely neighbors, family and friends.....
(I realize that probably made me sound like an ass- really, I'm not...and truly I will share *some* of my cookies)

bought a new toaster oven
because I started a fire in one a year ago and replaced it (much to Mike's dismay, since we don't use a microwave and the toaster oven was the only good way to reheat many things) with a 2 slice toaster that (probably much to Mike's delight) broke this weekend.

he'll be so happy to see the not toaster on the counter when he comes home tomorrow morning

is it really almost Monday?  already?


  1. Ha! The not sharing of the cookies cracked me up. And we all know how nice you are, so no worries!

    The fire thing is scary...Graham tried to burn our house down last year, and I still have nightmares about it! He went to set the microwave timer, but instead started the microwave, and there were leftover rice krispie treats in a rubbermaid container in there...yikes. Smoke was billowing out...crazy scary!

    Yes. It's Monday. :-( My weekends go by way too fast. Love you...hope your week is good.


    1. Oh, I have a not-so-nice side too. But it usually shows up over things a bit more important than cookies. (usually. some exceptions apply of course..) Wait- are there things more important than cookies? Oh yes, yes of course there are.

      That fire must have smelled terrible! (and been quite scary)

  2. i'm totally guilty of my sweet tooth leading me in my baking decisions, especially when the kids are young and unable to protest fully ;-)

    1. Not getting any protest out of this one yet- as long as I let her help out in the process, which, of course I adore and encourage. So much fun at this stage of just being big enough to really truly help out a bit!

      Hope you are well and settling in with your latest addition, surrounded with love, support, and good food! (made by others, of course)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! My just past two year old naps less and less these days... I am not ready to give up completely, but am not sure it's worth hanging on when the majority of the days are no nap days.

  4. It was pretty sweet, aside from the dog-chicken incident, of course.

    I totally thought I had more (way more) time before naps left us. And here we are, since Saturday she's only napped once for 20 minutes. (She'll be 2 on the 30th) She hangs too- always been later at going to bed than a lot her age, and even with no nap she's not getting down until 7:30 or 8.

    fun, fun, FUN. Or something like that ;-)


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