Blueberry jam, of course.  Take two.

This time around I used the Pomona's pectin and was quite happy with it.  Since there is no citric acid in it (like there is in the Ball No/Low sugar pectin) you have to add either lemon or lime juice to the mixture to insure it will be acidic enough to not spoil.  I hadn't planned on that, but luckily we had some lime juice left over from our key lime pie making last week.

We processed most of our berries from our picking adventure last week, giving us another 19 jars of jam for a total of 22.  We still have enough left for one more batch.  I'm thinking another half dozen or so jars and I'll call it good on the jam for us and for gifting.

But of course we'll need more for the freezer.  For muffins and pancakes and pies and cobblers and smoothies and yum, yum, YUM!

I suppose that mean another picking trip is in order.  I'll have to break it to Mike gently and start buttering him up now with visions of muffins and pancakes....  Yes, I think that will work quite well.

"hatberry, shoeberry, in my canoeberry"

-from Jamberry


  1. Oh, I think that will work quite well too. It would have worked on me. The wodds here are full of blueberries, but I seem to have fallen behind with everything lately. Well, more for the bears, I suppose.

  2. so easy to fall behind.... it always helps me to think about what I've done instead of those things I feel I wanted to do but couldn't find the time or energy for... often there are some pretty wonderful things responsible for filling up said time and energy.

    and sometimes not, of course. sometimes life just carries us wherever it wants, doesn't it? and sometimes it's crap that is filling up that time and sapping the energy.

    we supposedly have a neighborhood bear who I should (so I hear) be worried about getting to my bees. Haven't seen a sign of him since we've lived here, almost 2 years. Of course now that I've said that he'll show up in the morning and eat the hive for breakfast.

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