seems my baby is becoming a little girl

Today, Claire is 18 months old.

I am starting to accept that she is definitely more little girl than baby these days.

In both very fun (the constant chatting, problem solving and exploring, the increasing physical abilities..) and not so fun (testing us regularly (knowingly, I'm quite sure), whining and, um, biting) she is growing into her own little person and showing us that she definitely knows how to exercise her will and intends to keep us on our toes.

Oh Claire, we are on our toes all right.

Seems she is somehow both more independent than ever and more needy than ever these days.  How exactly can that be?  Hmmmm.  Well, she wants to do everything on her own, but when she's not doing something she wants to be "up! up! uu-uuuup!".

Or she wants papa to read her a "book! book! boo-oooook!!" (we love reading with her, believe me- we do it all day long. we just want her to learn to ask instead of order, ya know?)

Quite demanding, this one.  We need to get on the pleases and thank-yous.  When we remind her to say "more, please" or "book, please" or "milk, please" she will often get a big goofy (charming is what she's going for, I think) grin and kind of hug herself by bringing her little hands right up under her chin.  Either she thinks that is how to say please, or she has simply realized that she looks so darn cute doing it that I'm probably going to give her whatever it was she was wanting.

Plus a cookie or a kiss or an extra squeeze just because she's so adorable.

Man, she's got my number.

Anyway, I was talking about how she is growing up.  Quickly, of course.  Just like everyone tells you it will happen.  And yet also not so quickly.  Overall, yes- I am amazed sometimes thinking that I've been a mama for a year and a half now already.  But when I take it bit by bit and look back at all we've grown through and experienced with her..... well then sometimes it seems like it's been years and years.

Happy half-birthday baby girl.  We are so glad you are here with us.  Even when you are demanding and a bit of a stinker.


  1. I swear I think I held Bea more as a toddler than when she was a baby. Not really...but probably just as much.

    It's starting to slack off now. She's happy to hold my hand more and more these days which is so very sweet.

    Also, I bet soon, Claire will begin using those polite words all on her own. You'll be so proud of her too!

    I'm really enjoying the phase we are in now. Bea is talking so clearly with so much expression. As long as she is rested with a full tummy, the tantrums have been on the low side. I'm sure tomorrow (since I confessed this great roll we are on) she'll rock my world upside down again - just to humble me.

  2. I too am happier when I am well rested with a full tummy~ smart girl, that Bea!

    Loved what you shared about her wanting to take her tea to the porch because it was cozy...... (sigh)


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