spring things

First, flowers.  We came home from Texas to lots and lots of flowers blooming.  Tulips, daffodils, wisteria, and primrose have largely passed the torch to foamflower, azaleas, phlox, solomon's seal, yellow dead nettle, and others.  The comfrey and false indigo are getting ready to bloom, and I've seeded multiple wildflower beds.  I'm working at the farm again this year, so we decided to scale back a bit on certain vegetables that take up lots of space and that I can get at the farm (tomatoes, mostly- though we'll still plant at least 8 or so here at home), and so I'm adding lots of extra flowers and herbs.  We'll be picking up new bees soon (we took the year off last year after keeping bees for 4 years and then losing them the winter before last), so no doubt they'll appreciate the extra flowers as well~

Another spring thing:  eggs.  Eggs, eggs, eggs.  And fresh chives snipped onto plates of eggs by my favorite herb garden fairy.

Homemade Ingalls family paper dolls seem to be a thing these days, too~

Goats and wee baby goats, and loads of other animals at the Mother Earth News Fair.  I got to catch up with a few friends there, and meet the ever-inspiring Amanda Blake Soule at the Taproot booth.  How fun to shake her hand and say hello in person after reading her blog and books (and magazine) for several years.  It was cold and windy and we didn't stay long, but it was a sweet little stop and I look forward to checking out more of the classes and demos next year.

Papa's birthday.  Yellow cake with chocolate icing, if you please.  He turned 36, which means I've known and loved him for half of his life (and half of mine).  That feels...... pretty big.  And  pretty great.

The party was a joint birthday party with a friend of his, out at the property where he and his family are building a house.  There was lots of dirt, some heavy machinery, a house-in-progress tour, shenanigans, eats and drinks, a bit of (safe and sound and responsibly far away from the kiddos) target practice, and loads of sunshine and smiles.

Here's to these lovely spring days, and lots of sunshine on your shoulders.


  1. Belated birthday wishes sounds like an idyllic party and a great start to a wonderful season.

  2. Happy birthday, Papa! I love that you have known each other so long, too! Julian just turned 37 on Friday and I met him when he was 17! Twenty years!

    1. it's wild to really put that into perspective, isn't it? we were KIDS when we met, even though we certainly didn't feel like it at the time....... and now we're...... well..... older.

  3. love, love, love. happy spring days!!!


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