little black crow

we're getting ready.  add to the above some black tights and a black long-sleeved shirt topped with a shiny black dress and some tall black boots and there you've got my little crow.

Happy Halloween,
Happy Samhain.

and in recognition of All Soul's Day and Day of the Dead....... a nod to my (and your) ancestors before me, to all that they did and did not do, all that they saw and did not see, all that they had and did not have, all that they suffered and all that they reveled in.  may we continue the story with kindness, compassion, consideration and wonder.

and just for fun, here's mama too~


  1. Exquisite, she is beautiful. Happy Halloween and hope you have a wonderful evening.

    1. thank you! we had a blast together and are well on our way through candy consumption negotiations ;)

  2. love this. so short and simple.... yet so full of beautiful things :)

  3. Love your spirit and the grace of the little one.

  4. you are a super cool mom!! love her outfit and your make up :)

  5. Fantastic costume!! :) I love the Dia De Los Muertos makeup as well.


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